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Streaming New Age Gospel Music -- You gotta hear this!!!
Joel Osteen Ministry--Let God enter your life and your fears away.

Photo of the Day -- Photographs provided by National Geographic. A different stunning picture for
everyday with an explanation of where the shot was taken.

Some great recipes -- Some really good recipes. My favorite chefs are Bobby Flay, Giada, and Barefoot Contessa.

Guyana News -- A Guyanese newspaper called "Stabroek News" gives news about Guyana.

Pictures of Guyana -- Many beautiful pictures of Guyana are present in this website. The pictures are
of a high quality.

Discovery Channel -- An excellent site where you could learn many news things. There is a section
which helps in Homework, presents projects for Science Fairs, new technologies, and so much more.
Many beautiful, brillant pictures are presented too.

Self Improvement -- A well detailed site for improving your self-esteem, learning more about being
proactive on the job and in life.

Excellent 3D site -- Brillant, breathtaking 3D images are presented on this site. You can cast your votes on which wallpapers you like best. The wallpapers are downloadable are will amaze many of your friends or colleagues.

Unicef Organization -- If you think you have to work hard, check out the poor kids on this site. After reading a few articles, you will appreciate your life a lot better! Don't wait until Christmas to help out!

World Vision Organization -- Another site which is helping to feed the hungry. A tiny donation of even $5 per month will help out.

Hardy BoysHardy Boys mysteries

Monk MysteriesMonk - the OCD Detective! Herge's TinTin Comic Book -- TinTin is a reporter who finds adventure wherever he goes. He has a few sidekicks who are very funny. There's loveable Captain Haddock, the detective twins, Professor Calculus, and of course his cute dog who is also an adventure seeker, Snowy. This comic book has been around for a long time now. The storylines are very creative, adventurous, and funny; the pictures are very colorful. It is defintely a favorite, in countries like Canada, England, and Guyana. A must see!